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The Aperol Spritz is a classic cocktail recipe that has become very fashionable due to its refreshing flavor and simplicity. The spritz is a Italian drink from the Veneto region, although it is also traditionally consumed in Venice or Padua. Aperol is an Italian liqueur made with bitter oranges and a mixture of herbs.

Its slightly bitter and fruity tone and its orange color give rise to a showy, colorful cocktail with a taste that is not cloying. The other protagonist of the Aperol Spritz recipe is the prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine that adds a sparkling touch to this aperitif drink.

Ingredients Aperol Spritz

aperol spritz cocktail recipe

  • Prosecco Italian
  • Aperol
  • Soda or sparkling water
  • Ice
  • 1 orange


5 minutes


Very easy

Original Aperol Spritz recipe

The Spritz is a drink that is made with sparkling wine, soda or sparkling water and a bitter or bitter. The recipe that has become most popular is the one made with Aperol. The Aperol is a italian liqueurwith citrus notes and a sweeter taste than others bitter. The ingredients for Aperol Spritz are few, but to make the original recipe you have to opt for Italian products.

choose the wine

The Aperol Spritz is a recipe that is prepared with prosecco. He prosecco it’s a sparkling white wine which is made with grape variety glera, also called grape prosecco. This variety is native to northwestern Italy, just like the Aperol Spritz. It is a smooth wine, with citrus notes and easy to drink.

Although it is a sparkling wine, its vinification is carried out using the method charmat or Italian unlike champagne and cava, which are made using the method champenoise.

For this Aperol Spritz recipe we will use a brut prosecco. If you don’t have access to prosecco, you can use a diggingthe important thing is that it be brutal either raw nature to achieve the balance of flavors in this cocktail.

chill the cup

The Aperol Spritz is served in a wine glass. To cool it, you can reserve the glass in the fridge for a half an hour before preparing the cocktail. Fill the cup halfway with ice cubes and move it to finish cooling.

Add the Aperol

The first ingredient you should add is Aperol. For a more professional result, you can help yourself with a jigger or measure for cocktails and thus add the exact amounts of each ingredient. From Aperol we will use 60 milliliters.

add the soda

pour slowly 30 milliliters of soda (siphon) or sparkling water in the glass.

incorporates the prosecco

You must add 90 milliliters of prosecco carefully and making sure that fall on iceso that the bubbles do not go away and the wine cools down.


Mix slowly with the help of a long cocktail spoon and with movements from bottom to top. Do not stir with circular movements or very quickly or the cocktail will lose its gas.


Wash the orange and cut into slices either half slices. Put a slice of orange in the Aperol Spritz glass.

The Aperol Spritz is a perfect recipe to start in the world of cocktails because of its simplicity, do you dare to try it?

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