Agreement between Pequeñas DOs and Verek Energía to lower the price of energy consumption (electricity and gas) of the wineries

An agreement that aims to help the wineries of our Small DO’s, to improve their energy efficiency and lower costs in their electricity bill, which will undoubtedly mean great savings for them.

In order to improve the energy savings of our Small DO’s wineries and help them manage their expenses more efficiently, we have reached a collaboration agreement with Verek Energía, a company dedicated to analyzing energy bills from both companies as individuals, to study their electricity and gas consumption and inform their customers about the operator that, based on their needs and consumption, will be more economical.

To carry out these studies, from Verek Energía they only need a recent electricity bill from your winery and by using the comparative tool Verek Energía, the offer of the marketer that offers the most favorable economic conditions will be studied free of charge. , in the event that at the time of the comparison of conditions, there was no offer from a marketer that was favorable to the interests of our wineries, the system would maintain the data and, due to the constant loading of new offers and conditions of the distributors with which VEREK Energía has agreements, will notify us when the updated conditions suit their needs.

Verek Energía currently works with some of the main electricity and gas marketers in our country (Naturgy, Total Energies, Endesa, Holaluz, Eleia, Audax, etc.), with different types of offers that provide the consumer with the best option consumption, so we think that with this agreement our wineries will be able to enjoy the best rates and save on energy costs. Additionally, Verek Energía also provides study and installation services for self-consumption panels that greatly improve the efficiency and economy of the electrical installation. As well as charging points for electric vehicles.

In order to carry out an analysis of your energy costs completely free of charge, we would only need you to send us by email (to [email protected]) an electric bill from the last few months, and with it we would analyze, together with the Verek Energía consultants, the supplier that is most economical for your electric needs.

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