ABANCA and CRDO Monterrei join forces to transform the wine sector

The alliance between ABANCA and the Monterrei Denomination of Origin Regulatory Council has been strengthened with the purpose of revitalizing the wine sector. This sector is vital for the economy of the province of Ourense, and in view of the current challenges it faces, such as the increase in the costs of inputs and inflation, the financial entity and the regulatory council are taking measures to address these challenges. .

The agreement, signed in Verín, was signed by the director of the ABANCA area in eastern Ourense, María José López Rubal, and the president of the Monterrei Denomination of Origin Regulatory Council, Jonatás Gago García. During the signing, both representatives discussed the current situation of the wine sector.

The terms of the agreement include various credit formulas that have been carefully designed to meet the specific needs of winegrowers. It is clear that the agreement places a special emphasis on sustainability, and this is reflected in the provisions contained in the document.

Likewise, the agreement contemplates a variety of products and services that will facilitate the implementation of new projects, as well as the improvement of the competitiveness of the existing ones. This will be achieved by offering personal loans that have flexible repayment terms, grace periods and very favorable interest rates.

Fostering sustainable development

It is essential to highlight that the agreement also stipulates several lines of action to promote the development of sustainable activities. This includes solutions such as furniture leasing and various financing alternatives in collaboration with the Official Credit Institute (ICO) and national Mutual Guarantee Societies (SGR), among others.

To address the daily challenges faced by winegrowers, the members of the Monterrei Denomination of Origin Regulatory Council will have access to different solutions. This includes a specific credit policy for the sector, various loan formulas, such as advances for crops and subsidies, loans for campaign expenses and advances for aid from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Winegrowers will be able to mitigate the effects of rising input costs and inflation through these services. In addition, they will be able to benefit from the advantages offered by the ABANCA Services Program, which allows savings in the payment of the most common banking services.

A commitment to experience and specialization

ABANCA has also shown its commitment by making its specialized unit, ABANCA Agro, available to winegrowers. This unit has managers specialized in the needs of the agricultural sector, trained to develop specific products to deal with unforeseen situations or needs.

This agreement represents a significant advance in supporting the wine sector in the province of Ourense. By focusing on sustainability and providing specific financial tools, ABANCA and the Consejo Regulador Denominación de Origen Monterrei are positioned to make a valuable contribution to the regional economy.

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