Williams & Humbert proposes the perfect pairing for this Christmas

A good wine with history should never be missing on the Christmas tables. The most special time is approaching and, with it, the time for reunions and meals and celebrations with family and friends. Although the simple fact of being all together is already cause for celebration, if it is toasted with a good wine, much better. With a gastronomy as rich as the Spanish one, in each point of Spain the dishes that shine with their own light on these dates are different, but there is a common territory in which they all agree: the importance of a good pairing to enhance flavors and textures of each of the recipes. For this reason, Williams & Humbert, one of the wineries with the longest history and tradition in the production of Jerez wine and brandy, proposes to accompany these very special dates with its wide range of proposals that, thanks to their versatility, are perfect for playing and combine with different dishes and traditional products of these dates.

White meats, Iberian sausages, fish and shellfish

For white meats (turkey, capon, lamb, suckling pig…), Iberian sausages, fish and shellfish, essential classics on Christmas tables, Williams & Humbert proposes two types of wines, the Organic Fine and the Chamomile Joy.

These wines, with sharp, intense aromas and a golden-yellow color, are ideal for successfully surprising guests. Wines by and for everyone, perfect for those who celebrate these festivities with suckling pig, typical of Castilla y León; for those who get together and enjoy the seafood from the coast, with a special role in Galicia; and even for those who cannot do without Teruel Ham or Jabugo Ham at their tables, typical in the Andalusian area.

Gastronomy of Aragon and La Rioja

For those who celebrate this Christmas following the traditions of Aragon and La Rioja, Williams & Humbert also has a wine. In this case, your Palo Cortado “Dos Cortados”, (VOS) 20 years will be the key protagonist at these tables. And it is that, thanks to its elegant and persistent character on the palate and tremendously expressive on the nose, created for the most subtle palates, this wine is ideal to pair with typical regional dishes such as thistle with béchamel and almonds.

classic elaborations

On the other hand, for those who bet on classic preparations such as roast or Wellington sirloin, the winery proposes its new Oloroso Ecological, the first in its category in the Marco de Jerez. A vintage wine, from the 2015 harvest, very fresh and floral. This generous wine, which is dry on the palate, very mineral and with a very balanced structure, stands out for its amber color and its aroma of overripe fruit and caramelized nuts.

Gastronomy of Catalonia or the Balearic Islands

In addition, for those who celebrate these festivities in Catalonia or the Balearic Islands and at their Christmas tables do not miss the typical and tasty calde escudella i cam dólla or the traditional galets soup, Williams & Humbert is committed to a dry, mineral and saline wine, with I remember nuts and an elegant and persistent finish, its spectacular Don Zoilo Amontillado, 15 years old.

Christmas candies

For those who sweeten the evening and put the finishing touch with sweets such as nougats, polvorones, panettones and roscones, Williams & Humbert proposes the famous Alba Creamvery nice for after-dinners and “long drink” drinks.

There is no doubt that, although each Christmas dinner is unique with its traditions and customs, there is always a perfect wine to accompany and share. Williams & Humbert has a wide variety of Sherries that pair perfectly no matter where they come from and what the dishes are served. And it is that, at these parties, it is not only important to be in good company, but also to accompany the dishes with the best quality.

Williams & Humbert is one of the wineries with the longest history and tradition in the production of wine and Brandy de Jerez, as well as spirits and products from the food sector. Founded in 1877 by Alexander Williams and Arthur Humbert, it is currently owned by the Medina family, who acquired the firm in the early 1990s.

The firm, which was a participant in the creation of the Jerez-Xérès Denomination of Origin, currently has more than 50 own brands of wines and spirits and is present in more than 80 countries.

The winery has vineyards in the payments of Jerez Superior- Pagos de Añina-Balbaína and Carrascal- a benchmark wine-growing area for quality in the Marco.

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