Enbhiga Well-being, flavors, experience and tradition in the Andean Region

Enbhiga well-being in El Bolsón and Andean Region By Mariana Bergutz.

The official presentation of the Hispano-Latino Bi-Oceanic Gastronomy Meeting (ENBIGHA) was held at the end of 2022 in the beautiful region of El Bolsón, Argentine Patagonia

Aromas and flavors of the Andean Region, were enjoyed by the hand of local chefs who will be part of the meeting held on November 24, 25 and 26, 2022.

It is an already classic conjunction of gastronomy, production and tourism, on this occasion ENBHIGA presents nine gastronomic interventions along more than 350 kilometers of route to publicize and value the benefits of the region.

Among the delicacies that were able to taste the best products of the area, in El Bolsón the mini croissants with mushrooms and cheese from Chacra Hummus, smoked trout, kombucha wrapped in cabbage leaves with smoked morels, and lamb stuffed in bread Vienna with yogurt and mint, Patagonian silverside cured on rye bread, garum emulsion, cubed hare loins with gremolata, game cause, candied hare quarters, deer wrapped in vine leaves and pastrón. And for dessert they presented raspberry sauces and chocolates and a Jauja wine reduction.

Everything was prepared to entertain producers, officials, leaders of business chambers and journalists from Patagonia, within the framework of the presentation of the Meeting that was held for the first time in El Bolsón.

The protagonists were the chefs who came from different parts of the country, and also international chefs who came from Chile, Peru and Costa Rica to participate in the event and live a unique experience.

During the presentation, the positive energy generated by each edition of ENBHIGA could already be palpitated and the chefs themselves expressed:

“We want to show our products, because the abundance that the nature that surrounds us gives us allows it, from organic vegetables to Cholila meats; in addition to trout, mushrooms, saffron and dairy products”, and exchange with the recipes that visitors bring, since the proposal is to enrich each other”, they added.

The gastronomic proposals were perfectly paired with the craft beers and wines from the Andean Region, and there was no shortage of drinks prepared with vermouth and gin from the area.

The organizers explained that ENBIGHA “represents a bridge between communication, production, education, gastronomy and tourism”.

The meeting was attended by 45 national and international chefs, and 30 media outlets, with a program with a 350-kilometer route, visiting productive farms, wineries, factories, and organic production centers, as well as navigating Lake Puelo and enjoying the activities of well-being that the area offers, plus the added charm of its surrounding natural landscapes.

Enbhiga is always the bridge that connects communication, production, education, gastronomy and tourism, each trip is a great opportunity for the interaction of the participating Chefs and journalists, to publicize the beauty, the product, the people who inhabit it and the riches of the region.

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