Ten medals at the prestigious Baco Awards

The Valdeorras region, famous for its rich wine tradition, continues to shine in the panorama of the wine industry, both nationally and internationally. Its wineries have once again been honored at one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the sector: the Baco Awards, sponsored by the Spanish Tasters Union.

This year, in the 2023 edition of the Baco Awards, the wineries of the Valdeorras Denomination of Origin (DO Valdeorras) have accumulated ten medals, celebrating the flavor and excellence that define this renowned wine region. The jury, made up of members of the Spanish Tasters Union, recognized the best young wines in Spain and distinguished a total of ten wines from the Valdeorras region.

The highest honor, the Gran Baco de Oro, was awarded to the A Coroa Godello wine from the Adega A Coroa winery, thus marking a milestone for this winery and for the region as a whole. This award underlines excellence in winemaking and reaffirms the dedication and passion that Adega A Coroa has for its trade.

In addition to the Gran Baco de Oro, six other DO Valdeorras references were awarded the Baco de Oro, a recognition that highlights the exceptional quality and originality of these wines. The wines awarded with the Baco de Oro are:

  • Lagar do Cigur Godello, from Adega Melillas e Fillos
  • Viñaredo Mencía, from Bodegas Santa Marta
  • Viñaredo Godello, from Bodegas Santa Marta
  • Quinta da Peza Godello, from Quinta da Peza
  • Quinta da Peza Mencía, from Quinta da Peza
  • Verdes Castros Godello, from Terriña

These accolades serve as an affirmation of the remarkable quality and constant innovation that can be found in Valdeorras wines.

Completing the recognition of DO Valdeorras, three additional wineries took home the Baco de Plata, a significant achievement in itself. These are:

  • Cepado Godello, from Adega Cepado
  • D´Berna Godello, from Guitián and Blanco
  • Joaquin Rebolledo Godello, by Joaquin Rebolledo

The Grand Bacos de Oro, Bacos de Oro and Bacos de Plata awards are awarded by a jury of 50 members of the Spanish Union of Tasters. In a rigorous blind tasting process, each of the participating wines was evaluated and scored.

Regarding these awards, José Ramón Rodríguez Castellanos, president of the DO Valdeorras Regulatory Council, highlighted that “they are medals of indisputable promotional value for the best young wines in Spain and we are delighted that a dozen of our references play in this league “.

These awards not only reinforce Valdeorras’ reputation as a wine region of exceptional quality, but also open up new opportunities for these wines to be appreciated and enjoyed by more people around the world. Undoubtedly, the DO Valdeorras and its wineries will continue adding recognitions and honors to their already impressive record, writing new pages in the rich wine history of this region.

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