Ribeiro, the most awarded wines in Spain with ‘Gran Oro’ at the Baco Awards

The wines of the Ribeiro Designation of Origin won 13 medals at the Baco Cosecha 2022 Awards, held in Madrid last week. The competition, directed by the Spanish Tasters Union (UEC), awarded DO Ribeiro with five Grand Bacos de Oro, six Bacos de Oro and two Bacos de Plata, consolidating its position as the wine region with the most high-caliber awards of all Spain.

Originating from Galicia’s oldest wine-growing region, DO Ribeiro wines have continued their award-winning success, reaffirming their reputation for high quality. The 2022 vintage has stood out in a particular way, with a variety of labels that have obtained recognition in the most prestigious categories of the Baco Awards.

Canción de Elisa, Vilerma, Divino Rei, Catro Parroquias Treixadura and Terra Minei have received the Gran Baco de Oro, further consolidating the DO Ribeiro as the denomination with the most awards in this category in all of Spain. The Canción de Elisa wine has obtained additional recognition by being selected as the Best White Wine of the Contest, an honor it receives after obtaining the highest score of all the white wines evaluated.

In an additional sample of the diversity and quality of Ribeiro wines, another six labels have been awarded the Baco de Oro. The wines Manuel Rojo, Sameirás, Colección 68, Son de Arrieiro, Mónica Albor “Mencía, Sousón, Caíño red ” and Ramón do Casar Nobre have received this recognition, further raising the prestige of the region.

Finally, the Cunqueiro III Milenium and Gotas de Mar Godello Barrica wines have been distinguished with the Baco de Plata, further proof of the excellence and constant quality of DO Ribeiro wines.

The Baco Awards, which are awarded by a jury of fifty members of the Spanish Tasters Union, are recognized for their rigor and transparency. All participating wines are blind judged, ensuring that only the highest quality wines are awarded. Obtaining these awards is of indisputable promotional value for the best young wines in Spain, highlighting their quality and raising their profile both nationally and internationally.

This year, DO Ribeiro has shown once again that it is a force to be reckoned with in the world of wine, thanks to the passion, care and effort of its winemakers. The results of the 2022 Baco Harvest Awards not only celebrate the successes of the last vintage, but also portend a bright future for the region’s wines.

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