the spirits and wines that will reign this year

The prestigious Gran Cinve awards ceremony, which annually brings together the most distinguished of the wine sector, spirits, vinegars and extra virgin olive oils, took place on the night of Thursday, June 8 at the famous NH Eurobuilding hotel, located on Calle Padre Damián, 23, in Madrid. With a select attendance that included authorities, press representatives and award-winning businessmen, the celebration stood out for its elegance and seriousness.

The Gran Cinve awards, which are already an institution in the sector, annually reward the best products in different categories. These are meticulously selected by an international jury of experts, and are recognized for their excellence in quality and flavor. During the ceremony, Erika Barreras, a well-known journalist, sommelier and Telemadrid presenter, was in charge of directing the event and revealing the names of the winners.

The 19th edition of the International Wine and Spirits Competition recognized the following products:

  • Gran Cinve Vinos Tranquilos – awarded ex aequo to Y SÓLO CUANDO EL RÍO CALLA 2019, by Agrícola Carrascas SL – Bodegas Carrascas (Castilla La Mancha, Spain) and SEÑORÍO DE ORÁN BARREL SELECTION 2018, by Bodegas Orán SL (Extremadura, Spain);
  • Gran Cinve Fortified and Special Wines – PEDRO XIMÉNEZ SOLERA 1981, from Coop. Agrícola La Aurora SCA (Andalusia, Spain);
  • Gran Cinve Sparkling Wines – AMOUR DE DEUTZ 2013, from Champagne Deutz (France);
  • Gran Cinve Espirituos – RUM AREHUCAS 7 YEARS, from Destilerias Arehucas SA (Canary Islands, Spain).

At the same time, the fourth edition of the International Vinegar Competition and the fourteenth edition of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition also took place during the gala.

  • Gran Cinve Vinagres – GRAN RESERVA VINTAGE 1998 BALSAMIC AL PX, from Bodegas Toro Albalá, SL (Andalusia, Spain);
  • Gran Cinve Extra Virgin Olive Oils – VIEIRU ECOLOGICAL DOP GATA-HURDES, from Almazara As Pontis – Agropecuaria Carrasco, SL (Extremadura, Spain)

Additionally, during the evening, diplomas were delivered to the companies that had obtained silver, gold and great gold medals according to the score obtained. Among the attendees were representatives of several Spanish wineries, including five from Galicia, who received their awards from the renowned Galician actor Sergio Pazos, known for his performances in television series and emblematic programs.

It is important to note that the ceremony was sponsored by the Provincial Council of Cáceres and by the companies Amorim and Vinolok. After the awards ceremony, attendees enjoyed an exquisite dinner-cocktail, where they had the opportunity to taste several of the award-winning products.

Within the framework of CINVE 2023, the 5th International Sakes and Shochus Competition is still pending, which is scheduled for the end of September in Madrid.

CINVE’s annual event not only serves as a recognition platform for high-quality products, but also contributes significantly to the development and promotion of the wine, spirits, vinegar and olive oil industry in Spain and internationally.

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