world leader in export and cultural engine

Spain has established itself as the leading country in the world in terms of wine exports in terms of volume and ranks third in terms of monetary value. In the year 2021, exports worth 2,914 million euros in wine were reported, marking a significant presence of the national product in international markets.

Throughout 2022, domestic wine consumption experienced an increase of 11.9%. According to data provided by the Spanish Wine Interprofessional Organization (OIVE), although growth was faster in the first months of the year, the positive trend remained constant in the period analysed.

Spain is not only recognized for its exports, but also for its quality and winemaking tradition. When someone outside our borders is looking for a quality wine, Spain inevitably figures in their mind. This recognition is not free: 3 out of every 5 bottles of wine sold in the world are of Spanish origin. Moreover, our country contributes around 25% of the total wine production on the European continent. This figure translates into an annual production of between 40 and 42 million hectoliters of wine and must. In addition, with 941,086 hectares devoted to the cultivation of vineyards, Spain contributes 13% of the world total.

Within the national panorama, the wine sector represents 2.4% of employment and 2.2% of Gross Value Added. This industry is not only a source of income and employment, but is an integral part of the Mediterranean culture and social habits rooted in our country. This wine culture has also managed to become a magnet for tourism: every year, around 3 million people choose to visit the wineries and museums that are part of the Wine Route.

However, 2020 represented a challenge for this sector due to the global pandemic. In-person consumption in restaurants and wineries was affected and numerous tastings and guided tours had to be cancelled. However, in the midst of this panorama, electronic sales of wine and other products experienced a considerable boom, evidencing an adaptation to the current context.

There are 4,133 wineries in the country, and of this total, 3,536 have the capacity to export their products. Given this panorama, a latent need to modernize the sector and adapt it to new consumer trends is identified. With this vision, “Vinow” was born, a home delivery application that offers a variety of quality wines, guaranteeing delivery in less than 30 minutes. Since June 12, this tool has been available for mobile devices in various Spanish cities, including Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, among others.

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