Lugo hosts an outstanding action of the DO Monterrei to promote its wines

The Monterrei Denomination of Origin (DO) has carried out a significant promotional action in the city of Lugo, focused on the presentation and tasting of its wines. This event has brought together professionals linked to the world of distribution and the Horeca channel, strengthening the presence and recognizing the quality of the wines produced under this denomination.

The main objective of this action was to publicize the variety and richness of the wines produced under the DO Monterrei. In addition, the aim was to reinforce the brand image and facilitate direct marketing, thus enhancing the connection with the restaurant and distribution sector.

Among the attendees and participants, we find representatives of prominent establishments such as La Tienda Raúl Freire, 101 Vinos, El Pincel, El Jardín, Eduri Restaurant, Mesón O Castelo, Sala Jagger, Mesón Tres Pes, Parrillada Caminito, A Fábrica, Santeiro’s, Parrillada Antas de Ulla, Chuché, Vitato, Cafeteria Abrente, City of Lugo, Hotel Cross and Apartahotel Méndez Núñez. In addition, students from the IES Sanxillao de Lugo and the provincial deputy for the area of ​​Economic and Social Promotion, Pablo Rivera Capón, participated.

Not only was the opportunity given to taste white and red wines from the DO, but detailed information was also offered on the characteristics of this wine-producing territory, addressing issues such as the particularities of the soil, climate, types of wine and wine-growing tradition that define it. The wineries present at the event were numerous, including Ladairo, Gargalo, Castro de Lobarzán, José Luis Gómez Ibáñez (Valderello), José Antonio Da Silva Pereira (Vinos Lara), Crego e Monaguillo, Terras do Cigarrón, Triay, Terrae Monterrei, Pazo Blanco Núñez (Tapias Mariñán), Fragas do Lecer, Manuel Guerra Justo (Vía Arxéntea), Pazo de Valdeconde, Tabú, Alba Al-Bar (Daniel Fernández), Franco Basalo, Trasdovento, Manuel Vázquez Losada and Manuel Regueiro García (Serra de Alén).

The president of the DO Monterrei, Jonatás Gago García, highlighted the importance of returning to the capital of the province after carrying out actions in the Mariña Lucense. The purpose is clear: to show their products to the HORECA channel and the distribution sector, thus helping wineries expand their marketing channels.

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