Madrid, the perfect fusion between wine and gastronomy

Enjoying wine is already an experience in itself, but if it is also accompanied by gastronomy, that same experience is complemented to elevate it to another level. This harmonious duet, that of wine and gastronomy, transmits to those who enjoy it a set of values ​​that allow them to have a greater reference of the identity of those who inhabit the area represented through these two products, their habits, their traditions and customs, in this case those of the Community of Madrid. If we add to this a beautiful location, a frame that portrays them, the experience goes to a higher level.

Under this premise, Vinos de Madrid and ACYRE (Association of Cooks and Pastry Chefs of Madrid) come together to offer a proposal for pairing white and rosé wines with different elaborations with products from Madrid in an unbeatable setting, the Integrated Center for Professional Training (CIFP) Vine School located in the Casa de Campo.

The choice of the place, apart from being appreciated at this time of year, has a beautiful symbology. From here, among other courses, will come the students who will dedicate themselves in the future to the wine sector, viticulture and wine production. A space that can boast of having a vineyard located within a large city, in this case Madrid, just 3 km from Puerta del Sol, the epicenter of not only the city itself, but also the Community of Madrid and point km “0” of Spain, and which has the most representative varieties of the region that the students cultivate, prune and harvest to make their own wine.

The school is a clear commitment to the Community of Madrid so that the region’s wine has the generational relief it needs.

After the presentation ceremony by Antonio Reguilón, President of Vinos de Madrid, in which María Isabel Sánchez Gualda, Director of the Grapevine School, Ángel Otero, General Director of Agriculture, Livestock and Food, Sergio López, Managing Director of IMIDRA and José Luis Inageros, President of ACYRE, also participated, the attendees enjoyed a selection of white and rosé wines from wineries of the DO Vinos de Madrid in which each wine was accompanied by a careful preparation by of ACYRE students.

Attending wineries:

  • Muñoz Martin Wineries
  • Luis Saavedra Ecological Winery
  • Licinia Wines
  • Cardeña Family Winery
  • Figueroa Wineries
  • Ca’di Mat

A party, more than a presentation, thanks to the closeness between the attendees, the winemakers and the ACYRE students, in which to learn a little more about the white and rosé wines from the different sub-areas of Madrid. Enjoy the diversity in terms of white varieties; some of Albillo Real, others of Malvar, some of Sauvignon Blanc and even a surprising “Orange Wine”. And of the rosés of the Garnacha variety of different origins together with dishes such as “Pani Puri of Iberian pork with guacamole, chipotle and fresh cilantro sprout”, a “Bocado de Red Velvet”, a rich “Salmorejo with Gilda”, or one of “Shallot, pickled butter and beef tenderloin”, among others, surprising culinary preparations that make the whole a hedonistic experience, in which to enjoy the quality of white and rosé wines. together with the gastronomy while the music accompanies the sunset between vineyards a few km away. from the center of the capital.

An experience that corroborates that in Madrid is eaten and Madrid is drunk, and very good. That its wines and gastronomy have known how to adapt to the times, to the changes of a cosmopolitan city open to both its own and visitors.

David Manso
Graduated in Marketing and passionate about wine.

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