Zamora Company celebrates a record year in sales

Photograph of Javier Pijoan, CEO of Zamora Company.
Photograph of Javier Pijoan, CEO of Zamora Company.

Zamora Company has held its General Shareholders’ Meeting where the consolidated annual accounts for the year 2022 were presented and approved. These data have revealed that the company registered a growth of 20%, reaching sales that broke records with a figure of 265 million euros. In addition, the group’s net profit amounted to 20.8 million euros, representing an increase of 26% compared to the 16.5 million euros obtained in 2021.

This notable growth is also reflected in the company’s EBITDA, which closed with 46.2 million euros, 8% higher than the figure registered the previous year, which stood at 42.7 million euros. This increase in profitability has benefited its main brands, thus exceeding expectations for the end of the year.

Javier Pijoan, CEO of the company, has expressed his satisfaction with these results. “Despite the uncertain environment of last year, our assessment of 2022 is extremely positive. The figures are supported by the end of the Covid-19 restrictions that allowed us to recover our hospitality sales and, additionally, by our international expansion, which represented more than 50% of the growth.”

In financial terms, the net debt of Zamora Company at the end of December 31 was 54 million euros. This figure corresponds to a net debt/EBITDA ratio of 1.17, which reflects a low level of leverage for the company. The group’s own funds amounted to 203 million euros.

Growth was evident in all distribution channels and markets. Originally from Cartagena, the company has boosted its expansion organically in all markets and distribution channels. In 2022, the Iberia market represented 48% of total sales. On the other hand, the markets of Europe & Emerging, America and the United States represented 26%, 15% and 11% respectively.

The distribution of sales was divided mainly between spirits and wines. In 2022, spirits accounted for 64% of sales, while wines accounted for 36%. The United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico and Brazil stood out as the main markets for spirits. For wines, sales were concentrated in the United Kingdom, Germany, the USA and Colombia.

Some brands that stood out due to their growth were Licor 43, with an increase of 33%; Ramón Bilbao, with 10%; and Mar de Frades, Martin Miller’s Gin and Villa Massa, with growth of 18%, 17% and 16% respectively.

Zamora Company’s product portfolio is made up of spirits such as Licor 43, Martin Miller’s Gin, Lolea, Yellow Rose, among others, and wine brands such as Ramón Bilbao, Mar de Frades and Cruz de Alba.

José María de Santiago, president of Zamora Company, pointed out: “Our strategic plan is focused on the future, reinforcing the processes of internationalization and innovation, with a firm commitment to the environment, governance and business sustainability.”

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