First Denomination of Origin

Much has been discussed, and is still being discussed, about which is the first Denomination of Origin in Spain, since the thing is between two DD.OO.: Rioja and Jerez-Xérèz-Sherry.

The first says that they established their “brand” and therefore a Denomination of Origin in 1925, the second (the order is not important), tells us that in 1935, on January 19, it was published in La Gaceta de Madrid (what is currently the BOE), which would be the first DD.O., as they are known today.

Well we explain this a bit and we get into the historical moment.

The wine regions of the whole world knew that there was a fraud with their “Brands” and in many cases they gave a pig for a poke, although not only in the world of wine but also in the emerging industrial world, with which an International Congress of Trademarks was held in Paris, in which there were Spanish representatives from the world of wine, later, already in 1883, the Paris Union Agreement already includes the protection of indications of origin or denominations of origin, all of which would be reflected. In 1891 in the Madrid Agreement, all this led to Spain drawing up a Wine Statute on May 26, 1933, which would culminate in the DD.O. Two years later.

As a note, let’s remember that wine has always been a product that has been regulated for centuries, from Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire or Pharaonic Egypt, which means that it is a product that was prone to falsifying its origin to sell it more expensive.

Yravedra tells us that the first denomination to register, in what we know today as Denomination of Origin, was Jerez-Xérès-Sherry in January 1935, published in the aforementioned Madrid Gazette, but Rioja defined a map of the land of Rioja, as a Brand and Denomination and established a Control Committee, which would be today the Regulatory Council, which would be published in the BOE years later, in 1947.

This text is to put the historical facts in which everyone is right without going into more controversy.

Madrid Gazette January 22, 1935 p. 655 to 659 Jerez-Xérès-Sherry

Madrid Gazette June 9, 1925 p. 1659 to 1661 Rioja

BOE April 28, 1947 p. 2503 Rioja

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