Catalan fine food and wine companies land in California

The Generalitat of Catalonia, through the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda – Prodeca, has announced its strategy to promote Catalan companies in California, United States, focused on high-quality gastronomic products and wines. This initiative will be carried out in collaboration with the Catalan Tourism Agency and the Catalan Delegation in the United States, and its main stage will be the prestigious Napa Valley Festival.

This action is part of the United States Plan, promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia through Prodeca, with the main objective of increasing the perceived value of Catalan food in this market. Through this plan, it is hoped that Catalan companies and products already present in the US market will be highlighted and energized.

The Napa Valley Festival, which celebrates its 17th edition until July 23, is one of the main events that mobilize the California wine community. Prodeca has secured two spaces, in the Patron’s Lounge and in the Taste of Napa, where it will exhibit a selection of Catalan gastronomy and organize tastings for the attending professionals.

The participants in this initiative will be Catalan food companies that have shown excellence in their field. Among them, Degustus – Les Garrigues will represent extra virgin olive oil, Mi&Cu Gourmet – Alt Penedès will provide gastronomic delights, Anxoves de l’Escala – Alt Empordà will provide anchovies and Chips Torres – Vallès Oriental will offer its famous French fries. Birba de Ripollès, Trias de Selva, Vichy Catalan del Barcelonès and Agua Vilajuïga del Alt Empordà will also join, each presenting their star products.

In the event, there will also be a prominent presence of Catalan wineries. These include Albet i Noya, Cellers Pascona, Canals & Munné, Celler Devinssi, Familia Torres Winery, Marco Abella, Perinet Winery, Raimat Wines, Raventós Codorníu and Vinyes Domènech, all ready to delight attendees with their exceptional wines.

The US market represents a considerable opportunity for Catalan exports, being the 8th largest destination for these products, with an export value of 478.70 million euros in 2022. This represents a growth of 31% in value and 19% in volume compared to 2021.

The United States, with 330 million inhabitants and a per capita income of around 55,000 euros and a GDP of 20.9 trillion, is the largest economy on the planet. It absorbs 16% of world imports and is the main exporter and the main sender and receiver of international investment. In the ranking of destination for Catalan food and drinks, it is in eighth place and fourth outside the EU. The main consumers of Catalan products are France, Italy, China, Germany, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, the Netherlands and Belgium.

According to the figures, in 2022 Catalonia exported 129,915 tons of food and beverages to the US for a value of €478.70 million, hand in hand with 380 regular agri-food companies and 1,176 exporting companies in total. These figures represent an increase of 20% in value in the last five years and more than 84% in the last decade. Additionally, the United States consumes more than 2,900 liters of wine annually and forecasts indicate accumulated growth in the next two years of 5.5% in volume and 25% in value.

Among the products exported from Catalonia to the United States, olive oils and quality wines and sparkling wines are the most prominent, followed by canned vegetables, fruit and juices.

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