The oldest winery in America turns 425 years old

Over the past 425 years, fascinating events have shaped the world into what we know today. In these more than four centuries, Shakespeare published his immortal works; Henry VIII changed the course of England history; Galileo postulated his theories; Don Quixote de la Mancha was written; the Independence of Mexico was experienced, and many other chapters in the history of what we are today. But something that has remained constant during this time and that has only changed thinking about the future, is Casa Madero.

Casa Madero is the first winery in all of America, and this year it celebrated its 425th Anniversary, in the same place where the wild vines were unexpectedly discovered, and where the San Lorenzo Hacienda was founded: in Valle de Parras, Coahuila, in Mexico.

The story began in 1568 with the planting of the first vines on the continent, and it was in 1594 when the first Mexican wine was tasted, a work of the knowledge and dedication of the Jesuits. This gave way to the establishment of the San Lorenzo Hacienda, named in honor of its founder Don Lorenzo García, and which we now know as Casa Madero. The testimonies of its foundation are reflected in the Libro de Las Mercedes, the Royal document in which the Spanish Crown, in the year 1597, authorized Casa Madero to establish it as a producer of grapes for the production of wine and brandy.

Just as its wines have done, the farmhouse has managed to prevail over the centuries, and as if they were books where the pages of history have been written, its thick walls seem to tell us about the hundreds of stories and moments they have witnessed. In this authentic oasis in the middle of the desert, the old hacienda captures the essence of the past, the grandeur of the present and the hope of the future. Its design and its white walls have witnessed hundreds of stories, guardians of the secrets that have given the winery greatness. During these 425 years, the generations in charge of Casa Madero have managed to unravel the mysteries of the desert, understanding the climate, the qualities of the grapes and improving production processes.

Traveling to Casa Madero implies going on a journey through time. Throughout the centuries, the production process of its wines has adopted modern techniques, but without losing the secret touch inherited from its first productions. Thus, when touring the oldest winery on the entire continent, we are not only amazed at learning about the wine production process and the elaboration of the distillates, but we can also discover the barrels that were used more than 50 years ago and the presses that date back to 1808.

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