The wine tribute to the Mediterranean heritage

The Designation of Origin (DO) Valencia has launched a new campaign with the striking claim “Thirst for Valencia”. This initiative not only focuses on promoting its wines, but also on the rich heritage that supports this denomination, encompassing history, traditions, climate and, above all, its Mediterranean essence.

The location of Valencia, bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, has been a crucial factor in the evolution and development of its winemaking tradition. This geographical situation has played a fundamental role in the consolidation of the region as a benchmark in the production of high quality wines. However, beyond the qualities of its wines, “Sed de Valencia” seeks to highlight the intrinsic characteristics of this land. The campaign evokes not only its proximity to the Mediterranean, but also its cultural, gastronomic and, obviously, wine-producing legacy.

This initiative highlights the variety and richness of DO Valencia wines. From fresh and fruity white and rosé wines to more complex and expressive reds, including sweet wines and the so-called petit Valencia. Each variety offers the consumer a history, a tradition and an invitation to discover the land that gives life to these strains.

Part of the charm and authenticity of these wines lies in the production methods, which have been passed down from generation to generation. The use of native grapes, together with the particular climate and terroir of the region, guarantees the uniqueness of Valencian wines, which exude Mediterranean essence.

With “Thirst for Valencia”, the discovery and enjoyment of these wines is promoted, reflecting the Valencian culture, climate and tradition. This campaign encourages us to share and experience new sensations, thanks to native grape varieties and other more international ones, which, in this land, acquire a unique character.

Pillars of the campaign

  • Authenticity: The campaign highlights the genuineness of the production processes, based on ancestral knowledge. The autochthonous grape varieties, such as Mandó, Forcallà, Bonicaire, Arcos, Tortosí, Verdil or Merseguera, typical of this region, give the wines a distinctive character.
  • Honesty: The campaign claims transparency with the consumer, highlighting the region’s wine legacy and the tradition passed down from father to son.
  • Enjoyment: The friendly and open character of the Valencians, influenced by their proximity to the sea and their interaction with various cultures, is reflected in each bottle.
  • Desire: The campaign evokes the yearning for memorable moments and the aspiration to enjoy new experiences.

The DO Valencia, with this campaign, reaffirms its commitment to the appreciation of its wines and the highlighting of its autochthonous varieties. The actions of this initiative will be disseminated in various media and are financed by FEADER funds and the Generalitat Valenciana.

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