The triumph of DO Calatayud wines

The renowned event of the ‘Decanter World Wine Awards’, considered the largest wine competition globally, has set a new record for references presented this year. Up to 18,250 wines from 57 different countries have been evaluated. In this edition, once again, the Calatayud protected designation of origin wineries have confirmed their position among the best in the world, being among the most awarded and valued in all of Spain.

In this year’s celebration of the famous Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) competition, which took place in London at the end of April 2023, several DO Calatayud wines have achieved exceptionally high scores, demonstrating their indisputable quality and personality. The jury, made up of 236 wine experts, including 53 Masters of Wine and 16 Master Sommeliers from 30 different nations, was in charge of awarding these qualifications.

In the DO Calatayud, Garnacha Tinta is the main variety, although its other autochthonous variety, Macabeo, is also highly appreciated. These varieties are cultivated in old vineyards, some of them with more than 150 years of existence, which are located at an altitude that oscillates between 550 and 1,040 meters above sea level. The extreme conditions in which Garnacha grows enhance its expression, resulting in intense, fruity, mineral wines with exceptional elegance.

In the 2023 edition of the Decanter Awards, DO Calatayud has achieved outstanding results, with 4 distinguished wineries and a total of 10 wines awarded with more than 90 points.

A special recognition has been given to Bodegas San Gregorio, which has received a gold medal for its El Vergal Tinto 2021 wine, with a score of 95 points.

Bodegas San Alejandro has been rewarded with awards for 4 of its wines, achieving the following scores:

  • Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Viñas Viejas 2021, with 90 points.
  • Querencia Llibre 2022, with 90 points.
  • Orichinal Querencia 2022, with 91 points.
  • Baltasar Gracián Crianza 2020, with 92 points.

Likewise, Bodegas Langa has obtained 3 medals, corresponding to the wines:

  • Langa Classic 2021, with 90 points.
  • Sekeida Garnacha Ibérica 2021, with 90 points.
  • Piece El Coll 2021, with 91 points.

Finally, Raíces Ibéricas has accumulated 2 awards with the wines:

  • Las Pizarras Las Lomas 2021, with 91 points.
  • Antonio & Antonia 2019, with 92 points.

DO Calatayud wines carry with them the history and soul of their region. These awards represent clear recognition of the effort and passion of the DO Calatayud wineries, which have maintained a firm commitment to producing distinguished wines with their own identity and adapted to the taste of modern consumers. That is why the preservation of the environment and the promotion of the socioeconomic development of the region is so important for these wineries.

The award-winning wines are just a sample of the excellence of the DO Calatayud. This region, rich in its wine, cultural and natural heritage, deserves to be discovered and enjoyed. The DO Calatayud wines, with their history and character, continue to gain prestige in the oenological world and conquer the palates of wine lovers.

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