the new First Brands campaign

The highly renowned beverage distributor, Primeras Marcas, unveiled its “Presale and En Primeurs 2022” campaign in July. This initiative has been presented in five Spanish cities: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Las Palmas and Alicante. The “En Primeur” method, used by First Brands, refers to the anticipated sale of high-end wines, which are still in the production or aging phase in barrels. This innovative system gives buyers the advantage of investing at preferential prices before the wines are bottled and released.

Since the 1990s, when the “En Primeur” market began to emerge, Primeras Marcas has been at the forefront of advanced wine marketing in Spain. This position has allowed it to consolidate itself as a market leader, providing services to the main distributors and restaurants in the country. In addition, it has distinguished itself as the most prestigious and powerful buyer of Bordeaux “En Primeur” in Spain.

The Bordeaux region is recognized worldwide as one of the most prestigious in wine production and it is precisely where the “En Primeur” system originated. Most of Bordeaux’s top wines are marketed through La Place de Bordeaux, using an old system in which wineries sell their wines to a select group of Négociants (wine merchants), with the intervention of Courtiers (intermediaries ).

The First Brands showrooms, which were held in the five mentioned cities, offered professionals in the sector a unique opportunity to discover and purchase the most outstanding wines from various wine-producing regions before their official launch on the market. The wines are carefully selected by expert tasters, guaranteeing the quality and excellence of each bottle.

An exclusive and welcoming atmosphere has been provided in the Top Brands showrooms. Professionals in the sector have had the opportunity to taste Bordeaux wines and wineries exclusively from First Brands. These include Jean Pierre Moueix, with its prestigious selection of wines from Pomerol and Saint Émilion, and other national wineries such as Mas Martinet (Priorat), Menade (Rueda), Viña Sastre (Ribera del Duero), Itsasmendi (Bizkaia) and Ànima Negra. (Majorca).

Jordi Monroig, Primeras Marcas marketing director, has expressed his enthusiasm at the launch of the ‘Presale and En Primeurs 2022’ campaign in these five important cities. “It is a unique opportunity for professionals in the sector to discover exceptional wines and establish important contacts in the world of wine. Our goal is to provide a memorable and satisfying experience to all attendees,” he said.

For his part, Sergi Arana, Brand Ambassador of Bordeaux in First Brands, points out that this year’s campaign has generated great expectations in the industry. In addition, it has attracted a diverse audience of winemakers, sommeliers, distributors, journalists and other professionals in the sector. Beyond the opportunity to taste and purchase exclusive wines, attendees have also been able to broaden their knowledge of the fascinating world of wine.

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