The DO Terra Alta elects Pere Bové as president for the next four years

This Wednesday, July 12, was a key day for viticulture in Gandesa, headquarters of the Terra Alta Denomination of Origin (DO), where the inaugural session of the new board of directors of the DO was held.

Pere Bové, president of the Celler Cooperatiu de Gandesa, has been chosen by the members to assume the presidency of the Regulatory Council for the next four years, with significant support reflected in 7 votes in favor and 5 abstentions.

The renewed board of directors will also include important figures in the wine industry such as Rosa Caballé from Celler Batea, Andreu Josep Ferré from Celler Cooperatiu de Corbera d’Ebre, Marc Paladella from Viticultors Bateans, Miquel González Pujol and Francisco Roca. Elies Gil will also be present, representing La Vinícola de Gandesa; Roger Suñé, from Celler Rialla; Ramon Roqueta, from LaFou Celler; Lluís Vidal, from Celler Germans Balart; Joan Àngel Lliberia, from Edetària; and Núria Altés from Herència Altés.

This group of experts will focus on continuing to strengthen the reputation and quality of DO Terra Alta wines. His agenda includes working on the constant improvement of his wines and their projection in the market, in order to further consolidate the DO Terra Alta collective brand as a reference and quality hallmark in the wine field.

The Terra Alta Denomination of Origin is known for its winemaking tradition, with the Garnacha Blanca variety being the flagship of the region. The wines produced under this DO are highly appreciated both nationally and internationally for their aromatic intensity and their remarkable body and structure.

The election of Pere Bové as president, who has a long history at the Celler Cooperatiu de Gandesa, marks a new era in the DO Terra Alta. The members of the board of directors trust his leadership to carry out the work of improving and consolidating the position of DO Terra Alta wines in the global wine scene.

The commitment of the board of directors, made up of viticulturists and professionals from the sector, will be the key to achieving the objectives set. Its work will focus on promoting the excellence of the wines, ensuring that each bottle produced under the DO Terra Alta is synonymous with quality and winemaking tradition.

The board of directors of the DO Terra Alta has entered a new phase with the election of Pere Bové as president. With the collaboration of a group of viticulture experts, the objective is to continue promoting the excellence and quality of its wines, consolidating the position of the DO Terra Alta in the global wine market.

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