Manchego wine crosses borders: from Singapore to Beijing

The Regulatory Council for DO La Mancha wines is carrying out an intense promotional campaign this July, concentrating specifically on the Asian markets. This push comes at a crucial time, following a slowdown in consumer demand for wine in China in the new post-pandemic era.

The Regulatory Council has played a leading role in various seminars in Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. This participation is part of the European Wine Ambassadors (EUWINA) program, carried out together with Wines of Greece and the Union of DOC and DOCG Wines of Veneto (UVIVE). The main objective of the EUWINA program is to promote training and improve knowledge of European wines among Asian professionals, such as importers, distributors and the media.

Essentially, the Regulatory Council has focused its efforts on these countries as an attempt to expand its reach into the new emerging markets in the Asian region. However, this intense tour does not end in Taiwan, but will continue in various Chinese cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai until July 25.

The methodology adopted during these seminars has been to present the wines of the participating wineries after a brief explanation of approximately one hour. Subsequently, the cultural traits of each area have been presented, providing the participants with a broader vision of the wines they were tasting.

During these seminars, wines from different wineries in each country were presented. In Singapore, a wide range of wines were tasted, including DOMINIO DE BACO AIRÉN 2022 by DCOOP-BACO and VIÑA SAN JUAN ROSADO 2022 by Félix Solis. In Seoul, Garcia Carrion’s ÓPERA PRIMA CHARDONNAY and Bodegas Latúe’s LATÚE ROSADO TEMPRANILLO 2022 were among the highlights. Finally, in Taipei, attendees were able to taste, among others, the DON OCTAVIO AIRÉN 2022 from Bodegas Don Octavio and the BESANA REAL TEMPRANILLO 2022 from Vinos Coloman.

This promotional effort demonstrates the constant aspiration of the La Mancha Denomination of Origin to reach new markets and spread the quality and uniqueness of its wines globally. The strategy is clear: bring these wines closer to key professionals in the sector in Asia and promote training and knowledge around them, in order to boost their demand in a market with enormous growth potential.

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