Valencian wine says goodbye to a leader: José María Gandía dies

Jose Maria Gandia
Jose Maria Gandia

The wine universe is today in mourning for the sad outcome of one of its greatest promoters and leaders, José María Gandía Perales, president of Bodegas Vicente Gandía. An inescapable personality that has guided the destinations of the emblematic Valencian winery for more than fifty years, contributing to the growth and evolution of Valencian wine with his vision ahead of his time.

On Thursday, July 6, the heart of José María Gandía Perales, the third generation of the Gandía family, stopped beating at the age of 82. This farewell plunged the Bodegas Vicente Gandía house, with almost 140 years of fruitful history, into its darkest day. Throughout his long and fruitful career, José María, as helmsman of the company, played a fundamental role in the advancement of the Valencian wine sector, always betting on quality.

The legacy of José María Gandía is considerable and transcendental for the world of wine. It was he who, in 1971, took the crucial step to install the first bottling line in the Valencian Community. With this achievement, he was a pioneer in the wine field, launching brands that today are a symbol of quality and tradition, such as Castillo de Liria, Hoya de Cadenas or Ceremonia.

For his extensive and outstanding career at the helm of Bodegas Vicente Gandía, José María was honored with his admission to the Grand Order of Knights of Wine in the United Kingdom in 1996. His exemplary leadership and innovative vision, always directed towards improving the quality and positioning of Valencian wines, have been perpetuated through their successors. They have inherited and developed this philosophy, consolidating Bodegas Vicente Gandía as a benchmark for Spanish wine throughout the world.

José María Gandía will always be remembered for his passion and dedication to the world of wine. His vision and constancy have left an indelible legacy in the wine industry, and it is certain that his name will continue to resonate in the wineries and vineyards of Valencia and beyond.

Like a beacon in the storm, José María Gandía has lit the way for future generations in the wine industry. Although his light has gone out, the mark he has left will continue to be a guide for those who seek to continue improving the quality and prestige of Valencian wine.

In these moments of farewell, the importance of the legacy of José María Gandía is evident. His influence will continue to live through each bottle that bears the Bodegas Vicente Gandía seal, perpetuating the love and dedication of a man who dedicated his life to raising Valencian wine to heights never before achieved.

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