The wine of Spain and Portugal welcomes tourists at airports

Summer brings with it not only scorching sun, but also a golden opportunity for wine interprofessionals in Spain (OIVE) and Portugal (ViniPortugal). Taking advantage of the wave of travelers who land and take off during the summer months, these two institutions have decided to bring the wine wealth of their respective countries to the digital screens of the busiest airports. On this occasion, the selected airports are Madrid, Malaga, Gran Canaria, Tenerife Sur, Lanzarote, Valencia, Alicante and Lisbon.

This action is part of the joint #ASharedPassion wine promotion program, which OIVE and ViniPortugal carry out and which remains active throughout the summer, from July 1 to August 31, to take advantage of the large flow of tourists on those dates. As of July 11, the Lisbon airport joins the initiative.

As in the previous year, the two interprofessionals will also reactivate the information points at the airports of Gran Canaria and Malaga (from July 1 to 31) and Lisbon (from July 11 to 25). Travelers will be able to learn there the variety and richness of the two wine powers and their shared love for wine. Those who approach the exhibitors will have the opportunity to receive promotional gifts from the campaign. This action also seeks to promote the consumption of wine in a responsible and moderate manner.

With this joint program, both organizations seek to strengthen the image of wine as a product of excellence and promote the competitiveness of the wine sector in Europe, more specifically, in Spain and Portugal. In addition to the actions at the airports, trips to wine regions of both countries have been organized with European journalists throughout this year.

The #ASharedPassion program lasts for three years and is financially supported by European funds. The total investment exceeds two million euros, evidence of the importance that both organizations attach to the promotion of their wines.

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