Jumilla wines winners at the 2023 Decanter Awards

The twentieth edition of the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA), the largest and most influential wine competition globally, has once again highlighted the exceptional quality of the wines belonging to the Jumilla Protected Designation of Origin. This year, 65 wines from this denomination have obtained well-deserved recognition, with Bodegas BSI’s Gémina Finca El Volcán 2018 topping the list as the highest rated wine, with the only Platinum medal awarded to a wine from the southeast of Spain.

Since their inception twenty years ago, the DWWAs have built their reputations through a rigorous evaluation process involving experts from around the world. During the two weeks of April and May, 236 judges, including 16 Master Sommeliers and 53 Masters of Wine from 30 different countries, taste, discuss and compare the merits of 18,250 wines from 57 countries, confirming this edition as the most important to date. the date.

PDO Jumilla wines have occupied an outstanding place in the international wine scene, with 67 wines being recognized for their extraordinary quality, achieving a Platinum, 3 Gold, 24 Silver and 39 Bronze medals. Once again, the DOP Jumilla demonstrates its ability to produce high-quality wines that delight the palates of connoisseurs in the world of wine.

The prizes obtained at the Decanter World Wine Awards are a testament to the effort and dedication of the region’s viticulturists and winemakers. A unique climate, unique lands and landscapes, as well as the perfectly adapted autochthonous Monastrell variety, come together with the producers’ passion for making exceptional wines. These recognitions consolidate its position as one of the most outstanding and respected wine regions in the international arena.

DWWA co-chair, Sarah Jane Evans MW, commented on the results obtained by Spain: “I think Spain is the most fascinating wine country in Europe”, mentioning Jumilla and the Mediterranean coast as some of the foci of wine interest in the country. .

The Gémina Finca El Volcán 2018 wine, from Bodegas BSI, has shone in a special way in this prestigious contest, being the only wine from the southeast of Spain that has achieved the Platinum Medal, with 97 points out of 100. They have also stood out with 3 medals of gold for the DOP Jumilla wines: Bodega La Ermita, Genio Español Roble, and La Bestia Monastrell.

The wineries belonging to the DOP Jumilla: Bodegas Carchelo, Bodegas Alceño, Bodegas Juan Gil, Bodegas BSI, Ego Bodegas, Esencia wines, Bodegas 1890, Finca Monastasia, Bodegas Luzón and Bodegas Xenysel have obtained awards, each with silver and bronze medals. In total, there have been 67 medals obtained by the wines of this appellation.

The DWWA, launched in 2004 and now in its 20th edition, is the world’s largest and most influential wine competition. Decanter, the world’s leading wine media brand, with a total monthly reach of more than 2 million across its print, digital and social channels, maintains a trusted relationship with an international audience, both consumers as professionals, thus differentiating itself from other contests.

Sustainability is a key focus for the DWWA Awards team. All plastic and cardboard is collected and recycled, while each bottle is crushed and remelted, ready to be turned back into usable glass in 30 days. In addition, all the excess wine is collected, recycled and sold back to the national network in the form of gas.

PDO Jumilla wines are characterized by their elegance, complexity and distinctive character, making them a perfect choice for those looking for unique wine experiences. This appellation continues to stand out at the Decanter World Wine Awards and continues to be a benchmark in the world of wine, capturing the attention of wine lovers and experts from around the world.

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