Recognition and effort in the DO Ribeira Sacra Wine Tasting

The Ribeira Sacra Denomination of Origin celebrated its twenty-seventh edition of the DO Ribeira Sacra Wine Tasting. This event, which took place at the Monforte de Lemos Tourism Parador on June 29 and 30, brought together a distinguished panel of tasters, made up of renowned names such as Luis Buitrón, Mercedes González, Jorge Luis Mazaira, Luis Miguel López, Bibiana Guerra, Luis Díaz, Julio Ponce, José Felícisimo, Rosa Domínguez and Aarón Álvarez.

This edition of the tasting was held under the slogan “Ribeira Sacra, Common Project”, and included the participation of 63 samples from 26 wineries. Of these samples, 25 corresponded to red wines, 12 to white wines and 26 to other vintages.

The conclusion of the event came with the award ceremony. In the category of Other Vintages, three Gold prizes were awarded to the following wines: Casa de Outeiro, from Terrazas de Outeiro Escudo, Don Cosme, from EDV 2015, and Ibio, from Don Bernardino SL In the category of white wines, the Third prize went to Cuesta de los Olivos, from Finca Míllara, second prize went to Viña Vella, from SAT Virxen dos Remedios, and first prize went to Sollío, from the Juan Alberto Álvarez Rodríguez winery. In the red wine category, third prize went to Acivro, from Adegas Salvadur, second prize went to Peza do Rei, from Adega Cachín, and first prize went to Ciudáseis, from the María Gloria Alvarín Losada winery.

The prizes, delivered by representatives of various public administrations, consisted of ceramic bottles from Gundivós.

Antonio Lombardía, president of CRDORS, highlighted the relevance of the ceremony as the presentation of the new plenary session of the Regulatory Council to the sector. He stressed that this act is important for the winemakers and viticulturists that make up the DO Ribeira Sacra, as well as for the Denomination itself, which, after 27 years of celebrations, recognizes the continuous effort to improve the quality of its wines year after year. These wines have obtained international recognition, but it is also important that they are recognized locally and that this recognition promotes the DO and the award-winning wineries.

The members of the tasting panel highlighted the high quality of the wines from the last vintage. Aarón Álvarez, representative of the Galician Association of Sommeliers, assured that all the wines at the tasting were very good, even excellent. Mercedes González, representative of Vitislucus-Expertos Sensorial Analysis and Wine Tourism, for her part, highlighted the homogeneity of the Ribeira Sacra wines this year. She was especially surprised by the white wines, which continue to rise, and she mentioned that in red wines and other vintages, she sees more ups and downs than last year. In general, she considers that the selection of wines for this tasting has been successful.

This event highlights the high quality of DO Ribeira Sacra wines, and is a clear example of the dedication and continuous effort of its winegrowers and winemakers to produce excellent quality wines.

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