Finca Ramón or how EL GRIFO advances in the organic conversion of its vineyard and that of its winegrowers

Converting a vineyard into an organic one is not easy, but it is not impossible either. And the team that makes up knows a lot about challenges that seem unattainable The tap, founded in 1775 and today directed by the brothers Juan José and Fermín Otamendi. They set out to achieve it in 2025 and the process is progressing favorably. Not only will its 40 hectares be organic, but also those of the 165 winegrowers with whom they work. In other words, in 2025 they hope to reach a total of 75 hectares.

Converting the vineyard to organic means that all practices such as fertilizing, phytosanitary products against vineyard pests and weed eradication comply with organic legislation. There is a part that is sometimes too arduous, the bureaucratic part, and the El Grifo team advises its winegrowers on the procedures. It should also be noted that a higher price has been agreed with them for their organic grapes.

Since December 2022, El Grifo already has 16.31 hectares of certified organic vineyards and the rest, 13.39 hectares, will be so in 2024. To this must be added the new vineyard acquisitions, given that the winery is committed to the primary sector preventing many farms from being abandoned or losing their activity. As the lack of water is a limiting factor, in these new acquisitions larger planting frames are sought, because the water regime is one of the factors that can influence aspects such as the water status of the soil, physiological, productivity, yield harvest and even the composition of the must.

The viticulturists are people who love La Geria and its differential features, who work to preserve their own ways of working in the vineyard and linked to tradition. Like Ramón Perera from whose vines come the grapes that demonstrate their maximum expression in two ecological references. On the one hand, the white Malvasía Volcánica and, on the other, the red Listán Negro, both from the 2022 vintage. It should be noted that both are part of the ‘Vintage Experiences’ line of research, made up of high-altitude wines that demonstrate great dose of perseverance, a lot of curiosity and the need to tell wine lovers the peculiarities of certain plots of Lanzarote.

Ramón Malvasia Volcanic Ecological Farm

It is a monovarietal wine made from organic volcanic Malvasia, free of sulphites and plot-based from La Geria, cultivated in traditional open pits by Ramón Perera, who is committed to ecological viticulture that offers the possibility of respecting volcanic soils and the biodiversity of the ecosystem.

It is a limited edition of 2058 bottles. It is a straw-yellow wine, with slight golden tones, fresh and balanced on the palate, with a pleasantly acid attack, silky, with volume and a broad finish. Its saline character and elegant aftertaste stand out. As for the nose, the varietal character predominates with floral aromas such as orange blossom or jasmine, evolving in the glass towards aromas of fresh fruit such as apricot and citrus such as grapefruit. Price: 21.40 euros.

Finca Ramón listán negro ecological

Likewise, without sulfites and monovarietal, in this case, Listán Negro red grape from the same farm owned by Ramón Perera. Only 641 bottles keep this wine that has a low color layer due to the minimum extraction and the elimination of pump-overs. It is burgundy red with purple hues.

Its aroma is medium-high intensity, fruity and with floral notes reminiscent of elderflower, varietal aromas of the Listán Negro grape are also perceived, for example, tomato leaves or fennel. On the palate it is balanced, fresh, young, fun, harmonious, with volume and a persistent finish. Price: 27.80 euros.

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