Bodegas Faustino and Bodegas Marqués de Vitoria, the first Rioja wineries to obtain the new SWfCP certification

Bodegas Faustino and Bodegas Marqués de Vitoria are the first DOCa Rioja wineries to obtain the new integral sustainability seal

SWfCP is the first and only specific certification for wineries in terms of environmental sustainability created by the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV) which is based on four basic pillars -environmental, social, economic and governance- and which position it as an international benchmark in the world of wine.

Madrid / Oyón (Álava), June 27, 2023.- The Martínez Zabala family is the first Rioja wine company to achieve, with its Bodegas Faustino and Bodegas Marqués de Vitoria, the new Sustainable Wineries for Climate Protection (SWfCP) certification, which defines the criteria that wineries of the present and future should meet. Said criteria are based on four dimensions of maximum relevance, which are supported by the United Nations Sustainable Development objectives that mark the roadmap for organizations and individuals.

These four criteria are: environmental (water and waste management, energy efficiency, GHG emissions, soil and biodiversity); social (safety and health of consumers, workers and suppliers and territory and local culture); economic (efficiency and resilience) and governance (sustainability management, ethical behavior and relationship with stakeholders).

SWfCP is the first and only specific certification for the wine sector in terms of environmental sustainability and is aimed at continuous improvement, clarifying the criteria that a sustainable winery should meet, through rigorous and measurable demonstration.

With this seal, recognized by national and international distribution, the Familia Martínez Zabala wine company directs its wineries and works towards continuous improvement, in the efficiency of all processes in the medium and long term.

The commitment to care for the environment and the socioeconomic environment

Sustainability is a priority aspect for the Martínez Zabala Family group, in its wineries and vineyards since its inception, within its management model. The company has always developed numerous innovative initiatives for adaptation to climate change, care and respect for biodiversity, developing new processes with less carbon footprint that favor constantly increasing the highest levels of quality of its high-end wines, of harmoniously with nature and its socioeconomic environment.

The wine company innovates and continues to implement control systems to alleviate the effect of climate change on its wines and vineyards, introducing new tools to increase the quality of its products and control the effects of global warming, looking to and towards the future.


Regarding the care of the environment and conservation of biodiversity, the Martínez Zabala Family is committed to biological phytosanitary products instead of chemicals for the treatment of diseases in the vineyards, avoiding the negative influence of the latter on human, animal and plant life.

The Martínez Zabala family is also aware of the influence of the natural environment in the vineyard and has therefore implemented effective measures such as respect for the natural boundaries of the plots, the installation of nest boxes for birds and bats, the construction of ” hotels for insects” or the implementation of plant covers to prevent soil erosion and water loss, among other things.

All these initiatives have been fundamental in obtaining this new SWfCP certification for Bodegas Faustino and Bodegas Marqués de Vitoria as the highest international environmental distinction for two pioneering wineries that look to the future from their present.

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