How to know if a wine is good just by looking at its label

Most inexperienced wine consumers end up choosing the wine they buy by the label on most occasions. Despite factors such as the type of wine, the ageing, the Denomination of Origin, the grape used, the price or the situation in which it is going to be drunk, the truth is that most are seduced by the label.

Can you be right just by looking at the wine label? Yes, if one looks at certain factors. Gwen Ihnat explains in Gizmodo some factors that must be taken into account when looking at the labels, according to several experts.

Bastion’s wine director in Nashville, Alex Burch, encourages you to pay attention to the words “producer” and “importer” before more flashy ones like “cheerful” or “smoky.” For his part, the sommelier and wine director at Atoboy and Atomix in New York, Jhonel Faelnar, advises focusing on the appellation or place of origin, as well as the grape variety. It would be enough to dive a little into those factors to get it right.

Le Coq Rico’s beverage director, Maxime Heitz, advocates looking at who or who makes it, specific vineyards and specific regions, as well as the vine and region. For Heitz, it is enough to have a minimum of knowledge of producers worldwide to be able to discern which are of the highest quality. Jeff Donahue of Ludlow Liquors adds that the importer is also basic and is often found on the back label.

Michael Muser, former sommelier and general manager of the three-Michelin-starred Grace in Chicago, advises trying multiple wines and interacting with others who, like you, like wine, to make your own rankings. Both Muser and other experts argue that it is always better to go to a wine shop salesperson than to websites where there are wine ratings.

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