Characteristics of the Macabeo grape and its wines

The Maccabee grape It is the usual protagonist of many good wines. Do you want to know more about her? If so, do not miss everything we have prepared for you.

Some call it Maccabee, others refer to it as viura and there is no lack of someone who calls her malvoisie either lardot. Be that as it may, it is about the second most cultivated white grape in Spain (54,000 ha). Of great quality, high yield and undeniable versatility, it confers a delicious flavor to numerous wines and cavas.

What are the characteristics of the Macabeo grape?

  1. The clusters They have a short peduncle and are large, elongated and compact.
  2. berries spherical, medium size and thin skin. Its color is golden and it acquires dark shades if it suffers from excessive sun exposure. They are very uniform and have little bloom.
  3. The vine It has vigorous vines and an upright habit. Although it is resistant, it suffers in a special way from heat strokes and wind. The environmental dryness increases its graduation and the heat causes its acidity to drop.
  4. The strains stand out for being very fertile and productive, It is advisable to follow short pruning systems.
  5. The adult leaves of the vine have five lobes and are large. They also have a closed or semi-closed petiole sinus.
  6. His rustic character makes it adapt to a wide variety of terrain, to the point of being present in almost all of Spain. In particular, the crops of: La Rioja, Aragon, Catalonia, Valencia, Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura stand out.
  7. As for the pests, it is particularly sensitive to gray rot and is vulnerable to powdery mildew, mites and bacterial necrosis. On the other hand, it resists mildew well.
  8. To level phenological, It has a medium to late bud break, with late maturation and a long cycle.

Why is it such a frequent grape to make wines?

As we have seen, the Macabeo grape presents some characteristics that make it ideal for viticulture. Not surprisingly, it is a very productive vine and adaptable to various terrains and climates. Consequently, it is a true monkey wrench from an oenological point of view.

Versatility is one of the great virtues of this type of grape. Thus, it can be used to obtain all kinds of wines: dry, sparkling and sweet (it all depends on how it is grown). It is also highly appreciated for making cavas. And all these drinks stand out for their great oenological value!

To the above must be added the aptitude of these grapes for the blend, which further increases its innate versatility. At this point, mixtures with varieties such as the parellada and the xarel lo.

How are the wines made with Macabeo grapes

As we already anticipated, the Macabeo grape allows obtaining a wide range of wines (crianzas, reservas, cavas, liqueurs…). In particular, it is common to find it in blends of crianzas and tempranillos to give them that extra acidity so necessary in the cases of early harvests.

He pairing of wines made with grapes viura It is advisable to serve them cold (between 6 and 8 °C) to appreciate all their nuances. It is worth noting that they will be a great accompaniment to appetizers (such as pickled mussels), oily fish and shellfish. The same can be said of fresh cheeses, white meats and smoked meats.

7 traits of Macabeo wine

  1. Aroma of medium intensity with marked presence of anise flowers and white fruits. Its aromatic load can be enhanced when mixed with other varieties.
  2. Macabeo wine is an ideal candidate to be fermented and aged in barrel due to the low level of oxidases that this grape variety presents.
  3. These wines are bright and pale white with reddish hueswhile its edging presents subtle greenish tones.
  4. The use of macabeo in white wine gives it a singular composition characterized by its low level of potassium and its medium level of both tartaric acid and malic acid.
  5. In general, these wines have a low alcohol content.
  6. The dry and sparkling varieties of Macabeo wine stand out for their lightness and pleasant taste. In addition, they present an optimal balance between sugar and acidity.
  7. The blends that are made with this variety in the DO Penedes they have herbaceous notes (fennel) with hints of fermented fruit.

10 wines obtained from the Macabeo grape

  1. New White Estate (Rioja).
  2. Paternina Golden Band (Rioja).
  3. Soledad Vineyard (Rioja).
  4. Rinsol Blanco (Rioja).
  5. Classic White Borsao (Campo de Borja).
  6. Cava Torreoria Semi-dry (Valencia).
  7. Cava Marqués de Requena Brut (Valencia).
  8. White wine The Garden of Equals (IGP Valdejalón).
  9. Term of White Miranda (Txakolina).
  10. Altos del Cabriel Blanco (Manchuela).

As you may have already seen, the Macabeo grape has of capital importance within Spanish viticulture, to the point that we could not understand one without the other. What are you waiting for to taste the exquisite wines that are made with it?

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