DO Catalunya launches a new mandate

Xavier Pie
Xavier Pié Dols, president of the DO Catalunya

Last Monday, the Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin (DO) Catalonia inaugurated a new mandate focused on improving the sustainability of wines from this region. The plenary session of constitution re-elected Xavier Pié Dols, a renowned viticulturist, as president.

The Regulatory Council will be made up of a total of ten members, five of whom are viticulturists and five are representatives of wineries, both bottling and non-bottling.

The viticulturists who will be part of the plenary are: Xavier Pié himself, Enric Ferré, Francisco Roselló, Francesc Baiges and Mercè Sangüesa.

On behalf of the cellars, both bottling and non-bottling, are: the Miguel Torres winery, represented by Josep Amadó; He joined Cellers del Noya, with Meritxell Parera; the Masies d’Avinyó winery, with Ramon Roqueta; the Codorniu winery, represented by Diego Pinilla; and La Vinícola de Gandesa, with Elías Gil.

The main focus of this new mandate is to improve sustainability in wine production, with the aim of generating more value throughout the entire production chain. This is especially relevant in the current context, where the region is facing challenges due to the drought it is experiencing this year.

The Catalunya Denomination of Origin is one of the most prominent in terms of bottled wine production. Founded in 1999, it is relatively young, but at the same time it represents more than 50% of bottled wine with Designation of Origin in Catalonia.

The DO Catalunya covers some 43,000 hectares of vineyards, spread over 426 municipalities, and has a total of 36 grape varieties. The DO Catalunya seal on a bottle is synonymous with quality and origin for the consumer, and the commitment to sustainability seeks to strengthen this image and bring benefits to both producers and consumers.

It is important to highlight that sustainability in viticulture implies environmentally friendly agricultural practices, optimization of resources, and a focus on product quality that benefits everyone involved in the production and distribution chain.

With a committed work team and clear objectives, the Catalunya Designation of Origin is positioned as a relevant force in the wine world, and this new mandate represents a step towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for the region.

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