Spaniards choose Jerez Vinegar for its quality and flavor according to a study

A universal dressing, Vinagre de Jerez, in addition to being recognized by great national and international chefs, has become a product that is increasingly valued by Spanish consumers. This is confirmed by the latest study by the Regulatory Council for Sherry Wines and Vinegar*.

According to it, 42% of Spaniards choose Jerez Vinegar for its quality, and almost the same percentage (41%) do so mainly for its flavor.

With respect to its culinary possibilities, the preparation of sauces is considered, by 47% of those surveyed, as the most appropriate use for Vinagre de Jerez, and most link it to meat recipes over fish recipes. Likewise, almost 10% use it for desserts.

The origin of Jerez Vinegar is essentially what determines its extraordinary quality and makes it unique in the world. It is produced exclusively from Marco de Jerez Wines and can only be made in that region. It is aged using the criaderas and solera system in wooden barrels that, on occasions, exceeds 10 or 20 years, thus achieving the high aromatic concentration that characterizes it. It was the first Denomination of Origin granted in Spain for this type of product.

There are five types of Sherry Vinegar, each with its own personality and different nuances: Sherry Vinegar, Reserva Sherry Vinegar, Gran Reserva Sherry Vinegar, Moscatel Sherry Vinegar and Pedro Ximénez Sherry Vinegar.

And it is precisely this variety and versatility that have made it an essential seasoning in a multitude of recipes, sauces and reductions. Jerez Vinegar manages to perfect all kinds of elaborations, such as those offered by the website, providing an exceptional touch both to salads and cold soups, as well as to pasta, vegetables, fish and meat recipes, and is even ideal for numerous desserts and ice creams.

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