Gourmet gifts that will surprise your friends

The search for original gifts that adapt to the personality of the people we want to entertain is often exhausting and discouraging. Countless times, the obstacle is considering that the other person already has everything: “What do I give to a person who lacks nothing?” “Should I shop here or shop elsewhere?” They are usually questions that find an answer or solution.

However, there is a type of gift that is always a success, that appeals to the emotions and does not involve large outlays of money: give sensations, something of your own and unique, that will arouse interest and gratitude, that conveys the certainty that there was an exclusive thought in the choice of that gift: a gourmet gift.

Gifts that will leave a friend or acquaintance speechless, a lover of flavors and palate experiences. Also to those who do not have a highly developed palate, but who like new experiences.

Because, when gifts are given, in addition to putting a lot of love and attention into the selection, they are also talking about themselves and the present seeks to mark a point in common in the history of people. How many gifts seek to explore the senses of taste and smell, but also sight and touch, as well as emotions?

Some of the advantages of choosing gourmet gifts:

  • The list and the possibilities are enormous and do not stop at giving away a good wine or a good distillate
  • Fits in all pockets, depending on the selected products
  • It is not necessary to resort to super specialized stores, although there are. A well-stocked supermarket, an artisan are enough
  • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, depending on the choice, a niche that grows systematically every year, adds followers and increasingly refined products
  • It is a highly customizable gift
  • They adapt to any situation: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding, Christmas, Easter, birthday, anniversary, retirement, Valentine’s Day
  • They are very well seen in corporate spheres

gourmet gift options

Undoubtedly, giving a good crianza wine is one of the most traditional gifts. Also whiskeys or distilled beverages from different parts of the planet. Or boxes of chocolates or sweets at the head of the most romantic. But the imagination does not rest and there are people who will be very flattered to receive this type of gift:

  • Set of tasting olive oils that includes the four varieties for lovers of liquid gold: Picual, arbequina, nevadillo blanco and frantoio
  • For those who make a cult out of artisan wine, a pack from a small, renowned and multi-award-winning viticulturist, to do a tasting with friends.
  • Impossible to forget the Iberian hams: a complete collection of premium cold cuts, sausages and hams.
  • The same happens with cheeses, especially in a country where the variety of this dairy product is endless.
  • Salt. Yes, just salt, but not just any salt: Salt boxes from the Mediterranean, from the Himalayas, black salt or flavored with mushrooms, truffles, malbec, flakes.
  • Nougats: Christmas will be over, but the typical dessert never goes away. In addition, in its different presentations, nougats come with beautiful designs that are a gift in themselves.
  • Honey, the perfect gift that symbolizes the natural, abundance and prosperity. Honey is a luxury and a delicacy, used in religious or secular literature as a metaphor for pleasure. To enjoy and compare the different flavors offered by the flowers of the Spanish fields
  • Preserves, so reviled in other times and today used in the best restaurants in the world with Michelin stars.

gourmet baskets

But today the calls are taking the lead gourmet baskets, that is, a set of complementary foods that create a more complex experience in elegant presentations that will leave a trail in the memory of the honoree. For example, in addition to wine or beverage, a set of products whose flavors are get married perfectly with each other.

Some ideas for gourmet baskets to assemble

  • Selection to enjoy a luxury aperitif, made up of sausages (bellota loin, Iberian ham, canned sardines and pickled mussels) accompanied by a still, sparkling wine or vermouth.
  • Truffle flavor: Truffle appetizer salty biscuits, black truffle salt, butter sauce and black truffle, extra virgin olive oil infused with white truffle, honey with black truffle, flavored cheeses
  • For lovers of oriental cuisine: Japanese silky tofu, powdered matcha green tea, organic roasted sesame oil, organic dried shiitake mushrooms, peanut snacks with wasabi, Japanese beer, a bottle of sake or rice wine
  • For those with a sweet tooth, a basket of Indian tea or Italian coffee, where you can’t miss the white and black chocolates, nuts, some good cookies and packs of sweets and jellies of various flavors

In any case, and to make your work easier, if you do not have enough time to prepare the basket, buy the products and assemble it, there are a large number of stores that offer their options with excellent finishes and luxury presentations, with home delivery. .

Without a doubt, these gourmet gifts, edible gifts, they have already inspired you for the upcoming events. And why not to treat yourself and let your imagination run wild.

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