BioCultura A Coruña A commitment to the ecological world and ecotourism

From March 4 to 6, the new edition of BioCultura A Coruña will take place at ExpoCoruña. In this case, BioCultura’s bet is a joint bet by, in the words of Ángeles Parra, its director, “for the universe of organic products and, in unison, for ecotourism. We want to expand the range of possibilities offered to the public to the fair. And, speaking of Galicia, it was clear that the safe bet was for ecotourism, since ‘the green corner’ is a pioneer and a great reference in that aspect”.

This year, BioCultura changes some of its approaches. According to Ángeles Parra, it is a matter of reaching the same BioCultura people of a lifetime but also adding new audiences. For this reason, in each edition of the 2022 fair, depending on each city, we will place a complementary accent on, in addition to the ecological, another sector or subsector. In BioCultura A Coruña the bet is for ecotourism. The visitor will be able to find the usual ‘bioculture’ environment plus a notable commitment to the ecotourism sector, in which Galicia is watchword”.


The activities, according to Parra, will also have that bicephaly. “In other words, in the parallel activities of the fair we can also find, in addition to those dedicated to the ‘eco’ sector and its related worlds, a whole series of proposals focused mainly on the world of ecotourism. And we will also find activities that have as protagonists the ecological world and ecotourism in unison, since it is obvious that they are very close and parallel universes: for example, in the showcooking we will find proposals for organic gastronomy linked to the territory and the tourist offer; we will also be able to taste products from areas that we can visit and get to know each other; and we will even savor organic food with traditional recipes from different Galician areas and the rest of the state. These are just a few examples of an offer that will be varied, complementary and ‘addictive'”, says Ángeles Parra. Within this framework of parallel activities linked to ecotourism, we will find performances by emerging folk groups, conferences on heritage areas and territory and/or debates on ecological, extensive and local agriculture and livestock linked to the cultural tradition of each area.


The pandemic is changing everything. More and more people prefer to spend their holidays in rural and nearby environments. But they want that offer to be truly ecological. “In the same way that we have a selection committee so that the food offered at the fair is organic, so that there is no ‘pig in a poke’ in this sense, in the same way we are going to work hard to ensure that all the the ecotourism offer that will be at the fair is rigorous in its essentials,” says Parra. Because, according to what the BioCultura organization tells us, what we want “is to attract more and more public but, indeed, all the citizens who come to the fair are very clear that they are not going to find just anything, but with offers that are clearly closely linked to the organic sector and without cheating or cardboard”.


In general, ecotourism is understood as a business/recreational activity carried out in natural, rural, green areas, and where habitat conservation for both animals and local people predominates. Ecotourism is understood as something that must be based on respect for nature and that must also be ecologically sustainable. For Parra, even within very rigorous premises that undoubtedly comply with environmental benefits, “the palette of possibilities is very wide. We are going to have exhibitors that will be certified rural houses and urban hotels in which all the environmental requirements in addition to offering organic products on the menu, breakfast, etc. And we will also find rest homes and vital regeneration homes in the mountains or on the coast and companies that offer outings to nature in a totally harmless way for the environment natural. Or areas that offer to publicize their organic viticulture or extensive organic livestock. In short, we will see everything, but always organic”.


This proposal is having all the support since it has caused a great expectation. This is the first ecotourism fair, and also within BioCultura, which already has a successful run without a doubt. The Galician administrations have reacted very positively and the fair already has the support of the Xunta de Galicia, the CRAEGA, the Diputación de A Coruña, the city council, Turismo Coruña and the Galician Tourism Cluster… to which others will be added. This is a great opportunity for Galicia, which is committed to “extensive tourism” and of quality. It is time to position yourself as a benchmark for sustainable tourism from all areas, and what better than to do it accompanied by certified organic production.

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