Three keys to preserve an Iberian Ham after having started it

How can you preserve a piece of Iberico Ham so that it maintains all its properties? Should it be covered? Where should it be stored? These are questions that arise about what to do when a piece has been opened and has not been consumed whole.

ASICI, the non-profit Iberian Pig Interprofessional Association, gives three tips to solve the problem:

Keep the ham away from sunlight and keep at room temperature

Once the Iberico Ham has been opened, to preserve it in the best possible way, it is advisable to store it in a cool and dry place, safe from direct sunlight, avoiding changes in temperature.

In order for it to maintain all its organoleptic qualities, as well as its seductive aroma and its intense texture, the outer layer of the part that we are not going to cut must be left uncleaned.

Moisturize the ham with its own fat

It is important to hydrate the Iberico Ham with its own fat when finishing cutting and just before starting, rubbing on the surface of the cut. For this, it is essential to preserve the white interior fat that has been removed when the piece has been opened. Never use the outer covering fat, which is yellowish in color and has a rancid taste.

Subsequently, it must be covered with an opaque cotton cloth, thus protecting it from light and humidity to avoid contact with the air. If the consumption does not go beyond 48 hours, you can also use a transparent film that adheres to the meat and allows its conservation in optimal conditions.

Vacuum pack the ham

The blister packs or unit packages of Iberian Ham are one of the most versatile and interesting options for preserving the flavor and aroma of this jewel of Mediterranean gastronomy. In this case, it is important to store it in the fridge at a temperature between 5ºC and 2ºC. It is not recommended to freeze it as it may lose properties.

To appreciate all its nuances, it must be taken out at least two hours in advance. It is advisable to submerge it for a few moments in warm water and open the blister half an hour before serving it. The ideal consumption temperature is 24ºC and the fat of the Iberico Ham must have a transparent tone, so you will know that it is time to taste it in its maximum splendor.

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