Iberian, twenty-two years of tradition and quality in the world of wine

In the wine scene, the Compañía de Viñedos Iberian has established itself as a point of reference thanks to its 22 years of tradition and excellence in winemaking. With wineries strategically located in Valladolid, Tarragona and Zamora, and each framed in different Denominations of Origin – Ribera del Duero, Priorat and Toro – the company invites wine enthusiasts to go on a tour of the historic wine regions of Spain. In addition, it has been announced that Rafael Cruz de Aguiar has joined the Company as General Director.

Founded in 2001, the Compañía de Viñedos Iberian began its journey in search of a suitable estate for the production of red wines that reflected the unique characteristics of its land. The farm was found in Pesquera del Duero, Valladolid, known as “El Quiñón”. With an extension of 65 hectares, and located at an altitude between 720 and 1,100 meters, the farm is located in the so-called “Golden Mile” of La Ribera.

Viñas del Jaro – Ribera del Duero

“Viñas del Jaro”, the group’s first winery, belongs to the DO Ribera del Duero. The winery adopts a philosophy focused on the quality of the wines and the land from which they come. Harvesting is done manually, and the grapes are carefully selected in the vineyard, being also harvested by Payments and Sectors depending on their optimum ripeness moment. The elaboration is carried out separately, always differentiating the wines according to their origin. The aging in French oak barrels is meticulous, and the wines are tasted regularly to decide the duration of the aging. The wines from the winery include “Jaros”, “Chafandín” and “Sed de Cana”, standing out for their quality and for faithfully representing the land where they are grown.

Cal Grau Wineries and Vineyards – DOQ Priorat

In the DOQ Priorat, is “Bodegas y Viñedos del Cal Grau”. Located in El Molar, Tarragona, the winery has 40 hectares, of which 22 are vineyards. The region is characterized by a complex orography, mineral-rich soils, and an extreme climate. These factors contribute to a unique planting design. The winery focuses on a meticulous study of the grapes, which are processed separately in small tanks. The wines are aged in French oak barrels before being bottled under their respective brands. “La Petite Agnès”, “Clos Badaceli” and “Les Ones” are some of the featured wines.

Yaso Vineyards – DO Toro

Finally, in the DO Toro, is the Finca “Yaso”. With vineyards located in El Pego and Valdefinjas, the Company produces high-end wines known as Matteria. The DO Toro is recognized for highly appreciated international wines. With a continental climate and stony soil, the region offers ideal conditions for the production of wines with character.

Future perspectives

With headquarters in Madrid and a team of 21 workers, Compañía de Viñedos Iberian seeks to reach new horizons in 2023. With the incorporation of Rafael Cruz de Aguiar as General Director, the company aims to improve the quality of its wines, increase productivity and Strengthen the presence of your brand both in the national and international markets.

Rafael Cruz de Aguiar is a 58-year-old economist from Madrid whose professional career has focused on the food and consumer industry. He started as a Purchasing Manager at Carrefour and later became a Sales Director at Colgate-Palmolive. In the year 2000, he became the General Director of Vitakraft Iberia, where he was for 15 years, leading the expansion of the brand. In 2015, he founded Hito Global Partners, a strategic distribution consulting firm. In 2022, he joined Compañía de Viñedos Iberian as General Director, with the aim of continuing the company’s high-quality and premium wine project.

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